Attendance Confirmation

Attendance Confirmation must be completed for ALL classes you are teaching. You will have the option to report students who are on your roster but have never attended class. You will also have the option to report that all students have attended.

Once again, this must be completed for ALL classes you are teaching even if all of your students have attended. To complete Attendance Confirmation simply log on to PASSPORT, click the “Class Roster” quick link, select the Fall 2011 term, and click the “Open” button in the Attendance Confirmation column. A step-by-step guide can be found below. This guide also contains directions for reinstating students.

Attendance confirmation for Fast Track 1 courses should be open now. Reporting for 16-week classes will open on Tuesday. Please complete all reporting by Thursday, 9/1.

The PASSPORT calendar shows attendance confirmation open and due dates.

Never Attended Quick Guide 11-12

Attendance Confirmation Dates on PASSPORT