Attendance Confirmation

Greetings All —

Attendance Confirmation is fast approaching! This must be completed for all classes. Here is a brief recap of how the process works.

Attendance Confirmation opens the day after the drop deadline and runs for three calendar days. For Session 1 (16-week) and Fastrack 1 classes, the reporting window will open on Wednesday, 1/14 and must be completed by Friday, 1/16. Once you report a student as having never attended, they are removed from your roster. You may reinstate a student by e-mailing Stephanie Benton (sbenton) with the student ID number and course reference number until 1/16. After that date you will need to obtain a reinstatement form from our office.

This must be completed for ALL classes you are teaching even if all of your students have attended. To complete Attendance Confirmation simply log on to PASSPORT, click the “Class Roster” quick link, select the Spring 2015 term, and click the “Open” button in the Attendance Confirmation column. A step-by-step guide is attached to this email.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

thanks! – Donald

NA Guide 2014-15.pdf