Syllabus Submission

Greetings All —

Just a friendly reminder to e-mail a syllabus for each class you are teaching to Bonnie Abrado (babrado). Please ensure that your syllabus contains the information required by Procedure 1001. You can find a checklist listing all of the required and suggested information here –

Please remember also that per Procedure 1001 you must either distribute a hard copy of the course BCI or show it to your students and include a link in your syllabus. This is very important as the BCIs contain required equity and disability accommodation statements.

You may recall a recent e-mail from Dr. Holden about the College receiving an on-site review from the Department of Education’s Office of Equity and Civil Rights. Part of this review will involve looking at course syllabi and BCIs. You can assist by making sure your syllabus contains the required information and that you have submitted a copy to my office.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.