Getting Started

Below are some resources to help you get started. They contain important information about College policies and procedures. Refer back to this page frequently as needed for the latest information.

Adjunct Faculty Handbook 19-20
Full Time Faculty Handbook 19-20
The faculty handbooks detail policies and procedures related to faculty. They cover many important topics. Make sure to read the appropriate handbook and refer to it regularly.

Lakeland Commonly Used Numbers 2018 1
Where Can I Go For Help – Winter Haven
These lists contain the names and contact information for key people and departments.

E-Mail Access Instructions
College e-mail accounts may be accessed from any computer with access to the Internet.

PASSPORT Access Instructions
PASSPORT is the system used to view rosters, post grades, and see other employment information such as pay stubs.

PAL Access Instructions
PAL (Polk Access to Learning) is Polk State College’s learning management system. All courses receive a space in PAL.

Instructor Technology Help 2018 1
Check out these quick tips from the Instructional Technology department.

Academic Calendar
The Academic Calendar lists important session dates such as class begin and end, drop/add, withdrawal, and grades due.

FERPA Information for Faculty
The Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. This handout provides a brief overview of the law. Faculty are encouraged to complete FERPA training. The training consists of a PowerPoint slide show and is located on the P:\ drive in the “FERPA_Current” folder. This can be accessed from any college staff computer.

Attendance Confirmation
After the first week of classes you must report students who are listed on your roster but have never attended class. This reporting is completed using PASSPORT. This guide provides a brief overview of how to complete attendance confirmation.

Faculty Administrative Duties Guide
This helpful guidebook, published by the College Registrar, contains helpful information about the many administrative duties faculty must complete each semester.

Accessing Course Rosters
Course rosters may be accessed and printed using PASSPORT. This brief video walks you through the process of obtaining your course rosters.

Safety and Security
The College takes the safety of its faculty, staff, and students very seriously. The Safety and Security page provides additional information about safety precautions and emergency procedures. This page also contains the College’s Emergency Preparedness Plan that should be read by all faculty and staff.