Student Conduct

One of the best ways to handle classroom problems is to set reasonable rules and guidelines. Instructors should clearly communicate their rules and policies in their syllabus. They should also discuss expectations with their students and model the way.

Some classroom problems or issues can be resolved by having a conversation with the student. If you encounter a problem you can ask to talk to the student after class or during office hours. Never hesitate to contact your Dean or Associate Dean if you are having student problems or need advice.

However, some problems and offenses are serious and may require more formal intervention. The below materials are designed to help in these situations. Again, please do not hesitate to contact your Dean or Associate Dean if you have problems or questions.

Board Rule 4.01
Board Rule 4.01 defines and explains the student code of conduct.

Student Disruption / Discipline Report
When serious problems arise students can be referred to Student Services. The attached form should be completed and returned to the appropriate Student Services Dean.