Student Presentations

Student Presentations are a Powerful Pedagogy!
Countless studies confirm the importance of requiring students to develop and deliver oral presentations. Delivering oral presentations helps students gain vital job skills, increases their understanding of course content, motivates them to learn, and requires them to be actively engaged with the course content. The below resources are designed to help you begin to incorporate presentation assignments in your courses. You’ll find tip sheets for students, activities that can be used to help teach the principles of good public speaking, as well as other web and print resources related to delivering presentations. You’ll also find some rubrics that you can use to grade student presentations. Use the links in the table of contents below to explore the various resources.

Assigning and Assessing Student Presentations
This handout contains research-based tips and information for assigning and assessing student presentations.

Table of Contents
Qualities of a Good Presentation
Dealing With Nervousness
Assessing and Grading