Qualities of a Good Presentation

Tip Sheets
The tip sheets below can be photocopied and distributed to students to help them learn how to develop and deliver an effective presentation.

  • #1 – Speech Structure and Organization
    It is important to know what goes into a speech or presentation before starting to develop one. This tip sheet will introduce students to the parts of a speech from beginning to end.
  • #2 – Oral Source Citations
    Just as writers must cite sources in their papers, speakers must cite sources in their presentations. This tip sheet contains information about oral source citations.
  • #3 – Delivery Tips
    It all comes down to delivery. This tip sheet provides a few helpful pointers to help students do an outstanding job delivering their presentation.

Classroom Activities
Below are a few activities to help your students familiarize themselves with the basics of speech development and delivery.

  • Speech Outlining Activity
    This activity, which can be adapted many different ways, helps familiarize students with the process of developing a presentation. It also helps them practice and learn proper outlining skills.
  • “Rice Krispies” Delivery Activity
    This fun activity introduces the basic elements of non-verbal communication.

Other Resources